Friday, January 18th, 2013

Orange County Catering

Orange County Catering

U-Doggee Catering toured the Sausage factory where our hand made sausages are made on a daily basis. The first thing you notice about the sausage factory is how clean everything is kept. U-Doggee has been using this factory for several years. We believe having our Sausages made fresh from a local supplier here in Orange County and serving them to our customers on the same day is the only way to run our business.

We have several different types of sausages that we serve, here’s a list of the current ones we our serving:

Spicy Italian

Polish Kielbasa

German Bratwurst

Spicy Chicken Habanera

U-Doggee serves these sausage because we feel that they are the best sausages in Orange County. There are several ways to cook and serve a sausage. Over several years of practice we believe that we give our customer the best tasting sausage as possible. Feel free to come down to our Location at the Savi Ranch and try our sausages.

Backyard Catering

If you are planning a party in your backyard give us a call and will give you a free quote over the phone. One of the great things about serving sausages is that we can do a smaller party for a reasonable price. If your not in the mood for Sausages call us about are BBQ catering menu. We have been serving BBQ in Orange county for over 20 years. We have catered large corporation events, Little League events, Office Parties, and Church Events. U-Doggee catering serves a large variety of foods, for all of your catering needs. 1-866-666-9035