Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Orange County BBQ Catering

Recently, U-Doggee of Orange County brought BBQ Catering to  Fullerton, California where we hosted a social event feeding over 70 people. The menu consisted of deliciously hand crafted gourmet sausages along with finely grilled beef dogs and cheeseburgers

U-Doggee’s BBQ Catering also entails our appetizing ‘old world’ German bratwursts which are served with authentic German sauerkraut, a well-shredded sour cabbage containing a perfectly balanced acidic taste. Call today for a price quote on your next BBQ Catering event.



Next on the list for U-Doggee’s BBQ Catering was our signature favorite , spicy Italian sausage served with grilled onions and fresh grilled bell peppers.




Our 100% beef hot dog can be served with deli mustard, savory kraut, grilled onions, and richly flavored peppers making this particular hot dog not only number one in its category but definitely a major crowd pleaser as well.













Lastly, U-Doggee of Orange County takes BBQ Catering to a whole new level being that we have prided ourselves through serving our exquisitely tasteful cheeseburger for over the past 26 years. U-Doggee’s Barbeque  Catering begins cooking this refined power burger by barbecuing our popular Angus beef topped with the best of American cheeses. You truly cannot go wrong with this specific combination being that our cheeseburgers are grilled to perfection leaving nothing less than the taste of pure satisfaction!