Friday, February 8th, 2013

Orange County Barbeque

Orange County Barbeque

U – Doggee served a Barbeque to a commercial building in Costa Mesa, California. Providing a barbeque lunch for several people has to be done fast and proper. We have served this company on several occasions. In the past, we provided sausages but this time the customer requested BBQ. We provided a menu for the customer and they chose Pulled Pork sandwiches.

Barbeque Sandwich

U – Doggee takes pride in serving only fresh products. When we are serving Pulled Pork it’s a long process. First we smoke our pork for 12 to 15 hours. We make our own BBQ sauce. After the meat is ready, we shred the Pork into nice size pieces. Next we mix in the BBQ sauce. Now that the meat is ready we have to get our side dishes ready. We have several side dishes to choose from. Our customer chose Beans and Corn.  Along with the side dishes we served a house salad. Along with the Pulled Pork sandwiches we served an Angus Cheese Burger. Our Burgers are made to order, so as one crew member is serving the BBQ, U- Doggee David was cooking up the burgers . There is something about the touch Dave put’s on all of his dishes. He was born to serve tasty dishes.


Barbeque Company

U – Doggee catering company has been serving quality dishes for over 25 years in Orange County. Check out one our menus for your next BBQ. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small backyard BBQ or a Luncheon for a couple hundred of your closest friends. We can provide everything for your BBQ parties. Call today for a free estimate or come down to one of our locations and sample our food. Call toll free 1-866- 666 -9035