Friday, January 18th, 2013

Orange County Catering

Orange County Catering

U-Doggee Catering toured the Sausage factory where our hand made sausages are made on a daily basis. The first thing you notice about the sausage factory is how clean everything is kept. U-Doggee has been using this factory for several years. We believe having our Sausages made fresh from a local supplier here in Orange County and serving them to our customers on the same day is the only way to run our business.

We have several different types of sausages that we serve, here’s a list of the current ones we our serving:

Spicy Italian

Polish Kielbasa

German Bratwurst

Spicy Chicken Habanera

U-Doggee serves these sausage because we feel that they are the best sausages in Orange County. There are several ways to cook and serve a sausage. Over several years of practice we believe that we give our customer the best tasting sausage as possible. Feel free to come down to our Location at the Savi Ranch and try our sausages.

Backyard Catering

If you are planning a party in your backyard give us a call and will give you a free quote over the phone. One of the great things about serving sausages is that we can do a smaller party for a reasonable price. If your not in the mood for Sausages call us about are BBQ catering menu. We have been serving BBQ in Orange county for over 20 years. We have catered large corporation events, Little League events, Office Parties, and Church Events. U-Doggee catering serves a large variety of foods, for all of your catering needs. 1-866-666-9035

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Orange County Catering

U-Doggee is a certified catering business located in Orange County, California. We have been serving in the Orange County area for more than 25 years specializing in all kinds of events, fundraisers, and back yard BBQ’s. U-Doggee offers a wide variety of foods ranging from gourmet hot dogs, hand-made sausages, Angus beef cheeseburgers, and baby back ribs just to mention a few options. Orange County has gladly embraced U- Doggee’s fine foods and recipes being that we have been a professional, reliable resource for family events and corporate venues, serving anywhere from 50 to 1000 people. With Orange County’s high demand for quality food and excellent service, U-Doggee upholds first-rate standards to guarantee nothing less than customer satisfaction. We abide by our company’s principle philosophy to never compromise our core values in providing quality customer service. Our permanent residence can be found at the Home Depot in Anaheim Hills which is located off of the 91 freeways and Yorba Linda Blvd., on Pullman St. and right across from Savi Ranch. Please feel free to contact or visit us 7 days a week from 9-6pm daily. Mention this add and receive 20% your meal!!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Orange County BBQ Catering

Recently, U-Doggee of Orange County brought BBQ Catering to  Fullerton, California where we hosted a social event feeding over 70 people. The menu consisted of deliciously hand crafted gourmet sausages along with finely grilled beef dogs and cheeseburgers

U-Doggee’s BBQ Catering also entails our appetizing ‘old world’ German bratwursts which are served with authentic German sauerkraut, a well-shredded sour cabbage containing a perfectly balanced acidic taste. Call today for a price quote on your next BBQ Catering event.



Next on the list for U-Doggee’s BBQ Catering was our signature favorite , spicy Italian sausage served with grilled onions and fresh grilled bell peppers.




Our 100% beef hot dog can be served with deli mustard, savory kraut, grilled onions, and richly flavored peppers making this particular hot dog not only number one in its category but definitely a major crowd pleaser as well.













Lastly, U-Doggee of Orange County takes BBQ Catering to a whole new level being that we have prided ourselves through serving our exquisitely tasteful cheeseburger for over the past 26 years. U-Doggee’s Barbeque  Catering begins cooking this refined power burger by barbecuing our popular Angus beef topped with the best of American cheeses. You truly cannot go wrong with this specific combination being that our cheeseburgers are grilled to perfection leaving nothing less than the taste of pure satisfaction!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

How BBQ Catering Can Spice Up Your Next Event

There’s nothing more fun than gathering together with friends and family members and enjoying a delicious meal. Gatherings and events are the times when you get to catch up on the lives of those you love and where you get to ignore all of the everyday worries that most of us have to deal with on a regular basis. One of the tricky things about hosting an event, however, is that most hosts want to make sure that their event is going to be memorable, and one way to make sure that it is memorable is to hire a BBQ catering company.

Traditional Catering

What is the difference between traditional catering and BBQ catering? A traditional catering company will have a large array of different items you can order from their menu. When you’re talking about the Orange County, California area, a phone call to traditional catering company will quickly show you that most of the companies that exist serve high-end, expensive food. A BBQ catering company, however, does something very different than a traditional catering company.

BBQ Catering

When you contact a BBQ catering company like U Doggee and ask them to host your next event, what you’re getting is some of the best barbecue food you will ever have. Some traditional catering companies do offer barbecue options, and while the food that they offer may be delicious, the difference between the type of barbecue you will get from a traditional catering company and the type of BBQ you will get from a BBQ catering company like U Doggee is as different as night and day.

Because a BBQ catering company specializes in providing barbecue food, the barbecue that they do provide is likely going to be better than any you have ever had. Companies like U Doggee often make their very own BBQ sauces which definitely changes and enhances the flavor of the meat that they serve. The next time you plan on having any sort of event, why not contact a BBQ catering company like U Doggee? With U Doggee you’ll find that you are able to provide for your guests some of the best barbecue and sausage catering they’ve ever had.

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Orange County Barbeque Catering

Orange County BBQ

U-Doggee catering was hired to provide a backyard BBQ. U-Doggee loves these events!! We started out by setting up our grill in the right location.  With help from our customers we always determine the fast, easiest way to serve people there food.  We want the atmosphere to be comfortable for you and your guests.  After setting up, we fire up the grill. We have several different types of grills for cooking different meats. For this particular BBQ, our customers chose our Chicago Style Italian Beef sandwiches. These sandwiches are home made and slowly cooked before your event. We put the finishing touches on the meat when we arrive.  After the meat is ready, we get our sweet bell peppers ready to top off these classic Chicago Style Italian Beef sandwiches.

Orange County Catering

This event was a referral from a customer that we provided a backyard BBQ for.   This was a Catering event, which was a  block party located in Huntington Beach. We provided:  BBQ ribs, Tri-tip and Chicken for this event. This block party had an estimated 400 people. U-doggee takes pride in the fact that we can provide your small backyard BBQ event and in the same day provide BBQ for your block party. U-doggee has been providing BBQ catering for over 20 years in Orange County. All of our vendors are located in Orange County, which means that your getting the freshest products by using U-Doggee catering.

Hot Dog catering

If you have a backyard birthday party and you want to keep it simple, we can bring out one of our Hot Dog carts. We can provide hot dogs for the kids and serve up some of our famous sausages for the grown ups. Our sausages are made in Orange County on a daily basis. We have a large selection to choose from. U-Doggee catering serves all areas of Orange County. Call today for a free quote on your next BBQ event 1-866 666- 9035. You can see more of our products at

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Hiring a BBQ Catering Business for Your Company Catering Needs

Lots of children hope that they can become successful entrepreneurs when they are growing up. Thanks to the wonderful nation we live in, it is now more possible than ever before to be able to become a self-made millionaire. But there are many things we don’t dream about when we are children, namely the specifics and small things that you have to think about when you own your very own business. One such specific the many new business owners do not think about is what they are going to do if they need to host an event, as well as ways they can show their company employees how much they are valued.

Company Events

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, at some point in time it is very likely that you will need to find a company catering business that is able to help you post events for your business. Maybe you’re hosting a promotional event, or maybe you are hosting any elaborate luncheon for other business owners – it doesn’t really matter what type of event you’re hosting, having an experienced company catering business on speed dial is definitely a good thing. If you are going to be hosting a company event, it is important that you make sure that you hire a company catering business who has been dealing with company events for a while. There are tons of caterers the you can contact in Orange County, and while many of them have successfully catered to events like weddings or birthday parties, not all of them have experience catering company events. Are the two different? Yes, catering a business event and a wedding are to very different things.

Company Appreciation

In order to have a successful business you will need to have happy employees, in order to have happy employees you will need to be able to show them that you appreciate them. One way that many business owners show their employees that they appreciate them is by hosting company wide lunches or dinners. A company catering business that is successful and knowledgeable, such as the BBQ catering business U Doggee, can truly help you to spice up your Company appreciation event. In this type of event is definitely one in which you want to make sure the food is to your employees liking, as you’re trying to prove to them how much you appreciate them.

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Hiring a Sausage Catering Company and Vegetarians

Hosting an event, no matter what size event may be, is almost always a stressful thing. You want to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch, and you also want to make sure that everyone who arrives the event has such a good time that they become excited at the idea of attending another event you host. This means that you need to be extremely aware of all of your guests needs. But what happens if you have some vegetarians on the guest lists and you plan on hiring a sausage catering company?

Informing the Caterer

No matter what type of caterer you hire, regardless of whether it is a traditional caterer or a sausage catering company, it is always important to make sure that you inform the caterer about any special diet needs any of your guests may have. In the catering world, being a vegetarian is a special need. Vegetarians and vegans can be fairly tricky to please when it comes to catering simply because the chef is limited ingredient wise. This just means, however, that you need to make sure the person in charge of planning the menu and cooking is able to make up for those deficits with a splendid imagination.

BBQ and Vegetarians

It is a complete misconception that you cannot hire a BBQ or sausage catering company to cater your event if you plan on having vegetarian guests. When we think about barbecue, the first thing we think of is meat that has been tenderized, spiced, and roasted over an open fire. What most people don’t realize is a talented and experienced barbecue chef can create an amazing barbecue meal utilizing only fruits and vegetables. For instance grilled zucchini can have an almost steak like texture, while vegetable and fruit kebabs are all the rage as well.

If you’re interested in hosting a sausage catering company in Orange County, California, but you want to make sure that the catering company you hire is going to be able to accommodate the needs of your vegetarian friends, look to U Doggee. U Doggee is one company that understands that even though some people don’t enjoy meat, doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a barbecue.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Banquet or Sit Down Catering

Almost everyone has been to a wedding where they are served a meal by a waiter as they are sitting at the table. And almost everyone has been to a wedding or other event where they are served a meal banquet style. That is one of the biggest decisions a person who is hosting an event that requires catering needs to make – do they hire a catering company do a sit down meal or do they hire catering company to do a banquet style meal? The answer depends on what type of event you plan on hosting.

Sit Down Meals

In the catering world, a sit down meal is described as one in which your guests enter the main eating area and are instantly seated. They are then served their food by wait staff and are not required to get up for anything. For many people, a sit down meal seems much more expensive and extravagant. After all, everyone likes to have some wait on them. But there are some tricks to hosting a sit down meal when you hire a catering company, and the biggest one is making sure that the catering company has enough wait staff to be able to accommodate the needs of your guests at your event. If you find that the catering company you want to hire does not have any waiters or waitresses working for them, there are third-party companies that you can go to who will be able to help you.

Banquet Style Meals

A banquet style meal is one in which all of the aspects of the meal are set up in one location. Guests are able to go up to the main food area and to dispense the food that they are interested in eating themselves. There are a few different types of banquet meals you can host, including ones during which everything is self-serve, and ones during which there are servers to dish out and slice up the food for the guests. Catering companies like U Doggee, for instance, may have chefs they are taking the meat directly off of the barbecue and serving it directly to your guests.

So which option should you choose – a sit down meal or a banquet style meal? It all depends on how much time you have, how much you want to spend on the meal, and what type of atmosphere you are planning on creating with your event. Remember: before you hire any catering company in Orange County, California, make sure that they are able to cater the type of party you are planning on having.

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Orange County Barbeque

Orange County Barbeque

U – Doggee served a Barbeque to a commercial building in Costa Mesa, California. Providing a barbeque lunch for several people has to be done fast and proper. We have served this company on several occasions. In the past, we provided sausages but this time the customer requested BBQ. We provided a menu for the customer and they chose Pulled Pork sandwiches.

Barbeque Sandwich

U – Doggee takes pride in serving only fresh products. When we are serving Pulled Pork it’s a long process. First we smoke our pork for 12 to 15 hours. We make our own BBQ sauce. After the meat is ready, we shred the Pork into nice size pieces. Next we mix in the BBQ sauce. Now that the meat is ready we have to get our side dishes ready. We have several side dishes to choose from. Our customer chose Beans and Corn.  Along with the side dishes we served a house salad. Along with the Pulled Pork sandwiches we served an Angus Cheese Burger. Our Burgers are made to order, so as one crew member is serving the BBQ, U- Doggee David was cooking up the burgers . There is something about the touch Dave put’s on all of his dishes. He was born to serve tasty dishes.


Barbeque Company

U – Doggee catering company has been serving quality dishes for over 25 years in Orange County. Check out one our menus for your next BBQ. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small backyard BBQ or a Luncheon for a couple hundred of your closest friends. We can provide everything for your BBQ parties. Call today for a free estimate or come down to one of our locations and sample our food. Call toll free 1-866- 666 -9035

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Orange County Barbeque

Orange County BBQ Catering

Can you say Ribs??   We hope so..   U-Doggee catering just finished cooking for a company that is located in Fountain Valley. The CEO of the company wanted to provide a BBQ dinner for his employees. Customers can contact us on short notice and ask for an estimate to provide a Barbeque dinner for 75 people. We went over several menu items. The customer chose Ribs & Chicken. For the side dishes they requested Coleslaw and beans. U-Doggee showed up a couple hours early to set up the tables and chairs.  After setting up, the U-Doggee Dave and staff started setting up the food. First we started with a Southwest salad, with our homemade dressing. We always serve rolls with our salads. After a majority of the guests were finishing up their salads we were getting the Ribs and Chicken ready.



Barbeque Chicken

U-Doggee has a local supplier for all of our meats. Nothing but the best for our customers. We slow cook our Ribs and Chicken before the catering event. Then when we get to the location we warm up the meats with the sauces and serve the main course nice and warm. U-Doggee makes all of the BBQ sauces fresh the day of the event. We serve several different meats and side dishes. Call today for different menu items. It doesn’t matter if your having a backyard Barbeque or a large company event, U-Doggee catering will provide all of your needs. Ask about our Church BBQ catering events. Over the last 20 years we have catered several church events in Orange County.

Catering Company

U-Doggee has been serving Orange County for over 25 years. We  provide catering in several different forms, from BBQ’s, Hotdog carts, Griddles, and Hot Sandwiches. U-Doggee Dave has put his own touch to all of the food we serve. He takes pride in providing great tasting food at affordable prices. Call today for a free estimate for your next Catering event. Or come out to one of our locations to try our food. Make sure to mention our website and receive a discount.