Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Banquet or Sit Down Catering

Almost everyone has been to a wedding where they are served a meal by a waiter as they are sitting at the table. And almost everyone has been to a wedding or other event where they are served a meal banquet style. That is one of the biggest decisions a person who is hosting an event that requires catering needs to make – do they hire a catering company do a sit down meal or do they hire catering company to do a banquet style meal? The answer depends on what type of event you plan on hosting.

Sit Down Meals

In the catering world, a sit down meal is described as one in which your guests enter the main eating area and are instantly seated. They are then served their food by wait staff and are not required to get up for anything. For many people, a sit down meal seems much more expensive and extravagant. After all, everyone likes to have some wait on them. But there are some tricks to hosting a sit down meal when you hire a catering company, and the biggest one is making sure that the catering company has enough wait staff to be able to accommodate the needs of your guests at your event. If you find that the catering company you want to hire does not have any waiters or waitresses working for them, there are third-party companies that you can go to who will be able to help you.

Banquet Style Meals

A banquet style meal is one in which all of the aspects of the meal are set up in one location. Guests are able to go up to the main food area and to dispense the food that they are interested in eating themselves. There are a few different types of banquet meals you can host, including ones during which everything is self-serve, and ones during which there are servers to dish out and slice up the food for the guests. Catering companies like U Doggee, for instance, may have chefs they are taking the meat directly off of the barbecue and serving it directly to your guests.

So which option should you choose – a sit down meal or a banquet style meal? It all depends on how much time you have, how much you want to spend on the meal, and what type of atmosphere you are planning on creating with your event. Remember: before you hire any catering company in Orange County, California, make sure that they are able to cater the type of party you are planning on having.